30 - 31 March
TO8 evolutionary environment
Ones  Ones
26 February - 12 April
Detachment is not your scene right now, especially when this social responsibility thing has been laid in your lap. You feel connected to just about every law passed and every regulation in place. Whether you want to abide by any of these directives is going to depend upon your financial state. Don't bother to save, however, spending is going to work for you.
Twos Twos
12 April - 29 May
You are at odds with family and the friends from whom you can't demand any favours. Why is this? Well, the motion is always away from the pay offs towards the open space. Others seem well balanced between job and recreation but you keep finding interfering little messages everywhere that are shaking your confidence. Don't bother with the papers, or even your mail, and stick to the maps.
Threes Threes
29 May - 14 July
Seems like everything you touch works, and you can find an answer to every question. Life is proceeding as it always does and that's OK for now. You aren't interested in anything hypothetical and that goes for your children's what ifs as well. You can move amongst the highest in the land and take your medals without any irony. The future is now.
Fours Fours
14 July - 30 August
Gosh! This is what you mean by a well composed idea. Everything falling into place neatly. You need nothing explained to you, but how are you going to explain what you see to others. You can't directly, you can only allude to the perfection of your vision. It only matters to you - no one else understands what you see or even believes that you see it. Write it down, but get someone to proof read.
Fives Fives
30 August - 15 October
This is what you enjoy most, leaving the debating room with everything decided and exciting new motions tabled for next time. It's that rush of enthusiasm that makes you realise how nice it is that people respect you and your opinions. You could host the party, head the table, with a great deal of panache, but don't fall for any come-ons. It's not the time for romance.
Sixes Sixes
15 October - 28 November
Can you believe it?! You are being ignored. Your input has been accepted, you wise words listen to, and they have done..something completely different. You see the picture now. You've have been used as the devil's advocate, the dire alternative. Ah well, at least you did a good job. You can't be faulted there - you really don't like to pander to their tastes, and you hate to play according to their rules.
Sevens Sevens
28 November - 12 January
Everywhere you see coincidences. This is something you expected but it is always a shock to see it in real life. It's as if you have been marked out in some way. Is everyone looking at you? You hope so. Just as long as they don't ask directions - that would spoil the spell all right. You can blow your emotions down to your socks, people won't be surprised - they may be even flattered.
Eights Eights
12 January - 26 February
Real life actually looks amusing, and the plot clear. Although there's competition for territory everywhere, other people's purchasing power won't matter to the truth. You may not make more friends but you will have all the respect you can handle. What others envy is your purity, and consequently you feel they want to corrupt you. Avoid fresh debate.

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