19 - 23 March
TO8 evolutionary environment
Ones Ones
26 February - 12 April
Words, words, words. You can look back to past more easily than the future, but the past isn't what it was. It's a time for the latest editions and the scoops of the year. Even though you know the moment will be eclipsed by another, you feel that if you can hang on to the trend-setters in what ever department you are interested in, you'll be safe from boredom.
Twos Twos
12 April - 29 May
You will have some tough words in mind for anyone who seems to want to move on. You might be a little late with them and make everything an afterthought which is less convincing. Still, you recognise the value of a good relationship with the business team even if you aren't sure of where to put your feet. To tell the truth, you'd rather put them up and click on the television.
Threes Threes
29 May - 14 July
Pacing the streets will show you the sights you want to see. To have purpose again is a pleasure, even though the misfortunes of the latest battle are less understandable. Out of all this you can make your role a starring one, although no one might believe in the compassion, only the exciting realism of giving familiar opposition the boot. Out of the experiment comes a new product.
Fours Fours
14 July - 30 August
Stand at the back and watch the play. You are better off as an audience - even an audience of one - than under everyone's gaze trying to get your piece said. Imagine that open-air concert, or the new book launch, and all those 'pseuds' vying for a place under the spot light. How glad you are that you can see everything as a resource to be used and not as a need to be filled.
Fives Fives
30 August - 15 October
If you are in a tight partnership look out for a sudden shuffling of the cards. You can dance and show off your paces to a packed crowd but you would rather be telling it like it is to the youthful students eager to soak up your experiences. This may be the time you'll want another child of your own. Depends if you only have one, because sibling rivalry will also be at its peak.
Sixes Sixes
15 October - 28 November
You want to advise on a take over, but may overplay your hand. It's an easy mistake to make, especially when you're the first to play. Make sure that you can view all the various bids or argument before you make your move. But don't linger over it. Best way to scrub out a mistake is to do something fresh and positive to take people's mind off the error.
Sevens Sevens
28 November - 12 January
It's a boon to be studying, but if you are not, no matter. Apply for that new job in a fresh city. Couples watch out! It's a fertile time and a new conception will fall neatly in the middle. When you play the game, use your competitive edge to play it hard or the others will knock you aside. You will have well-expressed ideas that impress those who think you muddled.
Eights Eights
12 January - 26 February
Even though you have perfect pitch when it comes to a good idea, somehow the freshness of the week's advances will elude you. You are into new territory and new spaces, so that is what is occupying your mind. You hang back when someone suggests a new place to hang out and this might annoy the colleagues on your new project. But never mind, tell the tale as it should be told and all will be well.

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